The main deity of this temple is Dharbaranyeshwarar (Lord Shiva).  However the major attraction  of this temple is Saniswara (Saturn) who is originally  treated as the door keeper of this shrine. It is one of the most famous and important Navagraha temples.  Among the Navagrahas, Lord Saturn occupies an important place.  It is believed that Saniswara can create hardship and miseries to one person according to his horoscope position.  This can be mitigated by worshipping him. According to Astrology Saniswara moves from one sign (house) to another sign in Zodiac once in 2 1/2 years and the day of this movement is observed as Sani Peyarchi festival in Thirunallar.

According to the legend, Saniswara lost all his power to Dharbaranyeshwarar, which saved his devotee Nalan from saniswara’s curses. This is an ancient temple probably constructed during 7th century AD.

This temple is located near Karaikkal (5 km), at  a distance of 160 km south of Pondicherry  and 56 km from Kumbakonam.


Raghuram at 05 Dec 2015

Nalan….means is it the pauranic Nala-Damayanti person. The great pious,dharmishta King, the great charioteer King known to have no- sin s record?

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