The Hindu concept of Calendar

The Hindu concept of Calendar

The various Hindu calendars are based on eras and epochs. Generally, the Hindu calendar follows the lunar year that consists of 12 lunar months. A lunar month has two fortnights, and begins with the new moon called “amavasya”. The lunar days are called “tithis”. Each month has 30 tithis, which may vary from 20 – 27 hours. During the waxing phases, tithis are called “shukla” or the bright phase — the auspicious fortnight, beginning with the full moon night called “purnima”. Tithis for the waning phases are called “krishna” or the dark phase, which is regarded as the inauspicious fortnight.

The following lists mention the Sanskrit names of the Hindu months, days and lunar days and their correlation with the Gregorian calendar.

The Hindu Days

Names of the 7 Days in the Hindu Week

  1. Raviãra: Sunday (day of Sun)
  2. Somavãra: Monday (day of Moon)
  3. Mañgalvã: Tuesday (day of Mars)
  4. Budhavãra: Wednesday (day of Mercury)
  5. Guruvãra: Thursday (day of Jupiter)
  6. Sukravãra: Friday (day of Venus)
  7. Sanivãra: Saturday (day of Saturn)

The Hindu Moon Days

Names of 15 Moon Days in the Hindu Month

  1. Prathamã First
  2. Dvitïyã Second
  3. Trtïyã Third
  4. Chaturthï Fourth
  5. Pañchamï Fifth
  6. Sasthï Sixth
  7. Saptamï Seventh
  8. Astamï Eighth
  9. Navamï Ninth

10. Dasamï Tenth

11. Ekãdasï Eleventh

12. Dvadasï Twelfth

13. Trayodasï Thirteenth

14. Chaturdasï Fourteenth

15. Panchadasï Fifteenth

16. Purnimã (Suklapaksha) Full Moon

17. Amãvãsyã (Krsnapaksa) New Moon


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