Hindu mythology is stocked with voluminous number of beliefs chief amongst them being the folklore of the Digpala.Dig in Sanskrit means direction and Pala means guardians.Thus Digpala or the guardians of directions are the 8 Hindu gods who guard the 8 directions of the universe namely north, south, east, west, south east, south west, north east and north west.They are Kubera –north,Yama-south,Indra-east, Varuna-west,  Ishana- north east, Agni – south east, Nirriti – south west and Vayu- north west. When aggregated they are known as the Ashta- digpalas (guardians of eight direction). But it is believed that there are two more guardians to guard the zenith and the nadir. These are the directions exactly above and below us which are guarded by Brahma and Vishnu respectively. Out of the dasa-dikpala(guardians of 10 directions) the guardians of four cardinal directions are called Lokapalas.

The dasa-dikapalas have been chosen to concur with the rule of opposites. Balancing has eternally been the principle theme of our universe. So Indra in east, who is the god of rainwater, is balanced by Varuna in the west, who is the god of sea water. Similarly Kubera in north, who is the lord of prosperity and growth, is balanced by Yama in the south, who is the god of death and destruction. Likewise Vayu who is the god of wind in northwest is balanced by Agni the god of fire in south eastern direction. And finally the north east guarded by Ishana who is the god of gods or the creator of the universe is balanced by Nirrti in south west who is the goddess of death and corruption.

It is believed that building rooms and keeping things in a dwelling in accordance with the directions of dikpalas can enrich the house and make fortune flowing in a particular direction. The concepts of Vaastu Shastra and Feng shui are singularly based on this idea.

According to Vaastu shastra,

1 ) Treasury or the locker room should be built in the northern corner of the house as Kubera who is the lord of wealth dwells there.

2 ) The prayer room should be built in the north eastern corner of the house as it is the direction of Ishana who is the god of gods.

3 ) Bathroom or water tank should be ideally located at the eastern side to ensure a continuous supply of water as it is Indra who is the god of fresh water who resides here.

4 ) Bedroom which is a room mostly associated with sleep and inactiveness should be in the southern corner of the house as it is the direction of Yama who is the god of death and destruction. So any room which is associated with any sort of enterprising work should not be built in this corner of the house.

5 ) Weapons or armoury should be protected in south west direction which is guarded by Nirrti, the goddess of death and corruption.

6 ) Dining room should be placed in the direction of west which is Varuna’s direction who is the god of all forms of water sources.

7 ) Living room which needs to be well ventilated should be built in the north western direction which is the direction of Vayu, the lord of Wind.

8 ) Kitchen which should have a continuous supply of energy should be constructed in the south eastern direction as it is the direction of Agni who is the god of fire and energy.


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