Major events in the life of Raja Ravi Varma

 Year  Events
1848 Ravi Varma born on 29 April in Kilimanoor, Kerala to Ezhumavil Neelakantan Bhattattripad and Uma Amba Bai Thamburatti
1860 Raja Raja Varma (brother) born on 3rd March in Kilimanoor
1862 Ravi Varma moves to Trivandrum and had an audience with Maharaja Ayilym Thirunal
1866 Mangala Bai (sister) born in Kilimanoor
Ravi Varma marries Pooroorruttati Naal Thamburatti  (Bhagirarati) of Mavelikkara Kottaram
1868 Got acquinted with Theodeore Jensen, a portrait painter of Dutch origin
1870 Maharaja presented a title ‘Vira Srinkhala’ to Ravi Varma
1873 Ravi Varma wins Gold Medal at Madras Fine Arts Exhibition for his painting ‘Nair Lady  at the Toilet’
Ravi Varma awarded the Medal of Honour and Certificate at the exhibition at Vienna
1874 Ravi Varma again wins Gold Medal at Madras Fine Arts Exhibition for his painting ‘ A Tamil Lady  Playing the Sarabat’
1875 Kerala Varma (son) is born at Mavelikkara
1876 Ravi Varma wins Gold medal at Madras Fine Arts Exhibition for the third time for ‘Sakuntala’s love Letter to Dushyanta’
1880 Rama Varma (second son) is born at Mavelikkara
1881 Maharaja Sayajirao III invites Ravi Varma to Baroda for the first Baroda Commission
1885 Ravi Varma and Raja Varma invited to Mysore for a commission
1886 Death of  Ravi Varma’s mother Uma Ambabai Thamuratti
1887 Ravi and Raja Varma invited to Mysore for a Second commission
1888 Sayajirao III offers Ravi Varma the second Baroda Commission.  Raja and Ravi Varma completes a tour of India.
1890 Painting from the Baroda Commission exhibited in Trivandrum
1891 Death of wife Bhagirati
Painting from the Baroda Commission exhibited in Bombay
1892 Stayed in Bombay and painted
Painting from Baroda Commission exhibited in Baroda
1893 Ravi Varma two certificates of merit in the World’s Columbian Commission International Exhibition in Chicago
1894 The Ravi Varma Fine Arts Lithographic Press Starts production of prints
1897 Drew paintings for the Chitralayam at Trivandrum
1901 Ravi and Raja Varma go to Udaipur for a commission
Ravi and Raja Varma go to Hyderabad for a commission
1903 The Ravi Varma press sold to Fritz Schleicher
1904 Ravi Varma is awarded Kaiser-i-Hind by the British Government
Ravi and Raja Varma go to Mysore for a commission
1905 Death of Raja Varma on 4 January at Madras
1906 Ravi Varma invited to be part of the entourage accompanying King George V on his visit to Mysore
Death of Ravi Varma on 20 September in Kilimanoor


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