Manthra Pushpam


Yopam puspam veda Puspavan prajavan pasuvan bhavati
Candramava Apam puspam Puspavan, Prajavan pasuman bhavati
Ya Evam Veda Yopa mayatanam Veda Ayatanam bhavati.
Agnirva Apamayatanam Ayatanavan Bhavati
Yo gnerayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Apovagner ayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Ya Evam Veda Yopa mayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Vayurva Apamaya tanam Ayatanavan bhavati.
Yova Yorayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati|
Apovai va yorayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati.
Ya Evam veda Yopamayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Asowvai tapanna pamayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Yo musya tapata Ayatanan Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Apova Amusyatapata Ayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Ya Evam Veda Yopa mayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Candrama Vama pamayatnam Ayatanavan bhavati.
Yascandra masa Ayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Apovai Candra masa Ayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Ya Evam Veda Yo pamayatanam veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Nakshtrani va Apamayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Yo Nakshtrana mayatanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Apovai Nakshtrana mayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Ye evam Veda Yopamaya tanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Parjanyova apamayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Yah parjanyasya syayatinam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Apovai parjanya Syayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati
Ye Evam veda Yopa maya tanam Veda Ayatanavan bhavati
Samvastaro Va Apamayatanam Ayatavan bhavati
Yassavatsa rasyaya tanam Veda Ayatavan bhavati.
Apovai samvasara ayatanam Ayatanavan bhavati

Ya Evam veda Yopsu Navam pratistitam veda
Pratyeva tistati Rajadhi rajaya Prasahya Sahine|
Namo Vayam Vai Sravanaya Kurmahe
Samekaman Kama Kamaya mahyam
Kamesvaro Vai Sravano dadatu
Kuberaya Vai Sravanaya
Maha rajaya Namah


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