Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva temple is located on the banks of river Peri yar, 9 km from Aluva town in Kerala, on the Aluva-Kalady road. The temple is located in the village called Srimoola nagaram. The main deities of this temple are Sri Mahadeva (Lord Siva) and Sri Parvathi facing the opposite directions but within the same sanctum sanctorum. The unique feature of this temple is that while the devotees can worship Sri Mahadeva throughout the year, Sri Parvathi devi can  be worshipped only for 12 days in a year starting from the Thiruvathira nakshathra in the month of Dhanu (December).

According to the legend, Sri Parvathi used to prepare food for Sri Mahadeva in the Thidapali (temple kitchen) every day and no one was permitted to be present in the kitchen during that time. One day a Brahmin priest of the temple went inside the kitchen and saw the Goddess making food.  Goddess was upset and decided to leave the temple premises. The priest pleaded with the Goddess and she agreed to be present in the temple only for 12 days in a year starting from Thiruvathira nakshathra in Dhanu month, which is the birthday of Sri Mahadeva. The sanctum sanctorum is opened only on these 12 days and the opening ceremony is called Nadathurappu Mahotsavam.

Another feature of the temple is that the deity is not bathed in water (abhishek), instead turmeric powder is used.

Worshipping the Goddess on these 12 days is expected to bring marital bliss and prolonged married life. Most of the devotees who visit during this period are women.


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