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The Japanese Story

30 Apr 2014 1 comments

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decade...

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Varalakshmi Vrata

S Venkat Sridhar06 Sep 20120 comments

Famous in the states of Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and parts of Maharasthra, this Vrata(fasting) by...


R Sriram29 Aug 20120 comments

Just as Rudraksha is an object of veneration to the Saivaites, the Shaligrama is of tantamount importance...


R Sriram27 Aug 20120 comments

While cows are generally venerated by observant Hindus, the bovine of plenty, Kamadhenu is often approbat...


S Venkat Sridhar03 Aug 20120 comments

Hindu mythology is stocked with voluminous number of beliefs chief amongst them being the folklore of the...

Why do we forward e-mails?

16 Dec 20110 comments

This explains why we forward jokes and other stuff...... A man and his dog were walking along a ...

  • கந்தர் அலங்காரம்

    0 525

    அடல் அருணைத் திருக்கோபுரத்தே அந்த வா

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  • Thirunallar

    1 1045

    The main deity of this temple is Dharbaranyeshwarar (Lord Shiva).  However the major attraction  o

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  • Vallalar Temple,

    0 674

    Vallalar was mystic saint who lived in the 19th century. The saint experienced the Lord and the ligh

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  • Cheraman Juma

    0 587

    Cheraman Juma Masjid is a 7th century mosque located in Kodungalloor,  Trissur district, Kerala. Th

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  • சங்கராய சங்கராய

    0 529

    சங்கராய சங்கராய சங்கராய மங்களம் சங்

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