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R Sriram13 Aug 20120 comments

Sandhyavandhanam is a Nithya Karma (daily ritual) that is to be performed by the three Varnas (Brahmanas,...


Thevu Pillai24 Jun 20121 comments

Agraharam literally means “a garland of houses”.  An agraharam is usually a line of houses on both s...

Strong Family Bond

Thevu Pillai21 Apr 20110 comments

Need for strong family bond Strong family bond is the secret of a happy life.  It gives enormous streng...

Brahmin community in South India

Thevu Pillai03 Jan 20115 comments

Brahmins (also Brahmans) have historically been a caste (one of the four varṇas) in India. They are tra...

Sanketi Brahmins

Thevu Pillai23 Nov 20101 comments

Sanketi Brahmins are smarta Brahmins originally from Tirunelveli district. They migrated from Tirunelveli...

  • கந்தர் அலங்காரம்

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    அடல் அருணைத் திருக்கோபுரத்தே அந்த வா

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  • Thirunallar

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    The main deity of this temple is Dharbaranyeshwarar (Lord Shiva).  However the major attraction  o

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  • Vallalar Temple,

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    Vallalar was mystic saint who lived in the 19th century. The saint experienced the Lord and the ligh

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  • Cheraman Juma

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    Cheraman Juma Masjid is a 7th century mosque located in Kodungalloor,  Trissur district, Kerala. Th

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  • சங்கராய சங்கராய

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    சங்கராய சங்கராய சங்கராய மங்களம் சங்

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